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Spellers (low res)


We are kicking off our annual Spell-a-Thon on September 25th! Our budgeted goal for this year’s Spell-a-Thon is $20,000. This is our only elementary fundraiser of the year, and these funds are an important part of providing scholarships for many of our students. Thank you for your support in making it a success.

Pledges can be made in two ways:

  1. Flat Basis The sponsor opts to contribute a certain, set amount, regardless of how many words the student spells correctly.
  2. Per-Word Basis The sponsor pledges to pay a certain amount for each word the student spells correctly. For kindergarten and first grade students the phonogram tests will count as the spelling tests needed to achieve 100 “words”. All elementary students spell a total of 100 words over the course of the Spell-a-Thon. For example, pledge of 10¢ per word and 95 words spelled correctly would equate to a total donation of $9.50.


The Spell-a-Thon will run as follows:

  • September 25th  – October 21st
    Pledging period begins and continues.
  • October 9th – November 13th
    Spelling tests take place.
  • November 20th
    Pledge collection period begins. Pledge sheets will be returned to the students with a statement showing the number of words spelled correctly. Students will collect the money pledged by their sponsors.
  • December 1st
    Pledge envelopes are to be turned in with all pledge money (only pledge money turned in by December 1st count toward prize eligibility)
  • December 11th
    Prizes awarded at the end of our Friday morning assembly

For more information about our Spell-a-Thon, contact Spell-a-Thon coordinator, Libby Kueneke. Thanks for helping provide much-needed scholarships for Petra students!


In order to promote participation in this fundraiser, we offer the following incentives:

  1. Weekly Sponsor Prizes: for students who add to their sponsorships during the pledge period.
  2. Participation Prizes: a party for the Griffin team with the greatest number of correctly spelled words.
  3. Super Spellers: recognizing students who spell 95 or more words correctly.
  4. Most Pledges: awarding the student with the greatest number of sponsors contributing a pledge of at least five cents/word.
  5. Most Contributions: awarding the student/family that raises the most money for our school.