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Petra’s Protocol is a special event each year for Petra students – an opportunity to build community outside the normal confines of the school day and engage with one another in the context of a formal social gathering.

The Protocol program consists of a series of classes which cover the basic characteristics and etiquette of formal and semi-formal occasions. Training topics include formal and informal dining, formal and informal attire appropriate for special events, and the art of interacting with one another in a Christ-honoring and civilized manner.

Protocol then culminates in an annual event where students are given the opportunity to practice the formal skills they have learned in a formal setting. The less formal aspects are put into everyday practice, as the students strive to interact with one another in love and humility.

Students are encouraged to: 
  • Dress appropriately: For ladies this means tea-length or floor-length formal dresses; for gentlemen, a shirt and tie with a sport coat or three-piece suit.  The school day will be shortened (ending at 2pm and no Ultimate practice) to give students time to get ready for the evening.
  • Converse charitably:  This means choosing to engage in conversation with one another and with adults who may be in attendance during an appetizer hour at the school from 6-7 p.m.
  •  Dine with propriety:  Students’ $30 fee covers the cost of a catered multi-course meal. Our 7th-8th grade students will enjoy a meal together at the school prepared by Just a Taste complete with some fun after dinner activities; 9th-12th grade students will drive across town to enjoy a fine dinner in the beautiful atmosphere of Un-Knotted, a new venue off Rouse in between the Meat Shoppe and Audrey’s Pizza. The evening will end at 9 p.m. for the 7th-8th and 10 p.m. for 9th-12th.

As with all our events at Petra, nothing happens without the support of the community. Here are some ways parents can get involved in making this evening a reality:

  • Dress up!
  • Set up and tear down: We will need help setting up the Atrium for appetizers and photos, along with tables, chairs, and decorations for 7th-8th grade meal. Set up will start at 4 p.m.
  • Servers: The caterer will plate the food for the 8th-8th grade students in the warming kitchen; we simply need volunteers to bring the plates to the tables and collect dishes when we finish. (Note: These volunteers will be treated to a meal, free of charge.)
  • Drivers: Once we have a head count of 9th-12th grade students attending, we may find that we need drivers to shuttle students from the school to Un-Knotted.

Question? Please email Eli Denison.