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Petra Academy is a classical and Christian school serving the greater Bozeman community with quality education for grades pre-school (K4) through twelve. Petra is accredited by the Association of Classical and Christian Schools (ACCS).

Following the classical methodology of the Trivium, Petra recognizes three principle “schools” of instruction answering the cognitive development of elementary and secondary students: the grammar school (K4-6), the dialectic school (7-9), and the rhetoric school (10-12). Whereas these names are suggestive of different methods of teaching, the goal of all three “schools” is to equip students with the tools of learning: students who think clearly, express themselves lucidly, and who cultivate a deepening aesthetic appreciation.

Petra is a Christian school. All of its board members, administrative staff and faculty ascribe to the historic creeds of the Christian Faith. We acknowledge Christ as both Source and Goal of all creation and history, and the Center of any discussion of truth, beauty, and goodness.

We seek to nourish our students in the virtues of finding joy in the rigorous work of academic excellence, cultivating love for others in the context of a vibrant-and flawed-community of people, and growing in humility as we learn that we do not know and do not love nearly as much as we thought or ought.