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Teachers | Teacher Focus

Parents | Why Petra?

Craig Dunham | Petra's Vision of the Good Life

Sam Koenen | Texts of Depravity

Bobbi Miller | Kindergarten and the Classical Approach

Sarah McClaflin | Grammar: Observing with Humility

Elias Denison | Dialectic/Logic: Thinking with Reason

Ginny Owens | Redeeming Rhetoric


Petra Academy @Petra Academy
Humanities teacher Ginny Owens offers encouragement to see A Midsummer Night's Dream. https://t.co/nOZc3VZuel https://t.co/7NX0Ve8iup

- 6 days ago

Petra Academy @Petra Academy
Mrs. Meyer's 7th grade Logic of Math class recently learned about the Golden Ratio in architecture. https://t.co/bEEJBkuLW3

- 8 days ago

Petra Academy @Petra Academy
Thanks to @KBZK and First Interstate Bank for their grant awarded to Mrs. Weber's 2nd grade class. https://t.co/hH711E6oEC

- 8 days ago

Petra Academy @Petra Academy
Thanks to Cold Smoke Coffeehouse (https://t.co/yRxEJPxEH0) for hosting our Kindergarten field trip! https://t.co/1fd03AFHvX

- 8 days ago

Petra Academy @Petra Academy
We raised $26,200 in silent and live auction funds, exceeding our goal of $22,000 at Adventure Awaits! https://t.co/s9TOcSm0T6

- 15 days ago