At Petra Academy, we set forth to produce our athletics program and our student athletes in the same way we approach our academic and arts programs – with excellence. The place of victory is of high esteem, like our state champion soccer team with a two season unbeaten streak, but we also keep in mind the higher goals that our integrity resonates with. Success in the classroom, fair play and sportsmanship,  and the tenacity of hard work on the field and off the field are base values for Petra athletes. 

We offer a number of sports including girls volleyball, boys and girls soccer, boys and girls basketball, and ultimate frisbee as competitive disciplines. We seek to make sure that the Petra athletics program is designed to help fulfill the school’s mission with excellence and grow our students physical engagement through sport and healthy living.



The Petra Academy soccer program has a proud tradition of sporting and academic excellence. Boys soccer has the opportunity to compete at the highest level of MCAA athletics every year. With no surprise, Petra has seen recent success in the MCAA. Following up our 2021 State Champions season with a 2022 State Tournament 3rd place. Petra Academy had the opportunity to field our first all-girls soccer team in 2021. Going undefeated and taking home the 2021 Fall Futbol Classic Championship. Girls soccer followed that up with the 2022 Fall Futbol Classic Runner-Up. The program affords all types of players an opportunity to represent Petra at all levels. The soccer program offers four teams: varsity boys and girls, junior varsity boys and girls, and co-ed matches.



The Petra Academy volleyball program is built on hard work, dedication, and fun!

Girls Volleyball is an exciting way for our girls to get out on the court and have fun. Petra Academy offers volleyball ranging from 5th grade to the varsity level of MCAA competition. Petra volleyball’s goal is to introduce young girls to athletics, develop their skills and talents, allow our students to put forth maximum effort while having fun in the process, and paving the way for their success on and off the court in the future.



The Petra Academy basketball program is focused on fundamentals, development, and fast paced basketball. Beginning in the 5th grade for both boys and girls, each student is taught the fundamentals of basketball. As the students grow in their understanding of the game, they are given the ability to develop their skills as the competition progresses.

Petra offers an amazing gymnasium for the basketball program. And more importantly, our coaching staff who are willing to mentor and instill christ-like character in our students, on and off the court.



The Petra Academy ultimate frisbee program is a tradition that has been a part of our school for more than 15 years. Not only is this program the oldest in the history of the school, it is also the most successful. Taking home the State Championship in 2013, 2014, 2017, 2018, and 2022. The Griffins are eager to get after it this year to defend our State title for 2023!  Ultimate frisbee is our only Co-ed sport offered at the school. Our Ultimate frisbee program is a great way for all of our students to get involved and get outside! Being a Co-ed sport, Petra actively encourages wide participation from our student community. This is an incredible way for our junior high and high school kids to stay active during the Spring.



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